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What is success and how do we define it? In today's society many children feel like they are forced to be successful and reach a specific goals set by others around them. My definition of success and what I want to do in order to be successful is very different from how society and my parents defines success. Children that often causes a lot of stress for these children. It is important that we first define our line of success and don’t try to achieve something that will be way too hard as you will be disappointed with yourself and think that you have failed no matter how much you have tried. Depending on different people’s families, the line maybe set at a different heights. Some families expect you to get the best grades and go to the best…show more content…
Depending on you families they might have higher or lower standards; my friend’s family is one that sets the bar high for their children. This teen stressed the entire year over his grades as his family defined success by getting A’s. He couldn’t live up to their standards and they thought that he was failing and soon after he was sent to boarding school in India where they as supposedly much stricter. In my family on the other hand I feel like I am expected to become a businessman like almost everyone else in the family. Besides having a preset future job success in my family is also defined by having a family and carrying forth the surname. My parents are also used to me getting very decent grades and whenever I inform them that I got a C they will be a little disappointed and I have to remind them that that is not a bad grade and that I will only learn from it in the future. They don’t know that I can learn from bad grades. I feel like sometimes because of my parent’s definition of success my best isn’t good enough and therefore I have to make it clear to them what I consider to be success and what I really want to be when I am

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