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Success is when someone completes a goal they set out to do and complete it the way they want to. Success could be something as grand as earning a million dollars, or it could be something as insignificant as getting up out of a chair. Any time one achieves something that one sets out to do, it’s a success. Sometimes, these goals people set for themselves are small, like picking up a pencil, for instance. Other times, these goals are broader and less simple. Sometimes people complete the goals they set, but are unsatisfied with what they did to complete these goals. Sometimes people complete goals and aren’t satisfied with the results. Ultimately, success can be characterized as completing a goal the way one wants to and being satisfied with the results of that goal. The largest part of success is simply completing a goal one sets for one’s self. Some goals can be small, simple tasks. Some goals can large and drawn out. One example of this would be the…show more content…
Sometimes, how someone achieves a goal matters as much as whether they accomplish the goal or not. If someone completes a goal but is unhappy with how they completed it, then they are not successful. An example of this would be the atomic bombings of Japan in 1945. The United States dropped two atomic bombs over two Japanese cities, ending the war with Japan, but also killing well over 100,000 people. The US succeeded in their goal of ending their war with Japan, but the way they did it wasn’t ideal. Additionally, sometimes people are successful in a goal, only to find they didn’t want to be. For example, in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”, a character named Brooks is finally released from prison after nearly 50 years. But after having successfully left prison, he found he didn’t like the outside world and wanted to go back. He succeeded in getting out of prison, but he wasn’t satisfied, which made him

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