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Wilson Reading System by Wilson Language Training The Wilson Reading System (WRS) is a Tier 3 reading intervention program that is a part of Wilson Language Training. The Wilson Language System also includes a Tier 1 whole class program for K-3 called Fundations as well as a Tier 2 instructional system called Fundations (K-3) and Just Words (4-12). The WRS system was specifically created as an intervention system for students in grades 2-12 as well as for struggling adult learners. Those students that are chosen to receive interventions through WRS are not believed to be making adequate enough progress in Tier 1 and Tier 2 instructions and may need the help of a more multisensory approach to reading instruction. Lessons can be given in 2…show more content…
This study focused on 8 different schools in Pennsylvania, totaling 71 third graders. It was found that WRS has a potentially positive effect (average +13 percentile points) on alphabetics but had no discernible effects on fluency or comprehension. It is important to note, that with only one study used by WWC these results are limited. Alphabetics is seen as a strength of WRS, and this could be contributed to the half of the 10 part lessons being dedicated to word study and another 3 parts being dedicated to spelling instruction. The program focuses on skills such as word identification, phonemic awareness, effective decoding, word attack skills and sight word efficiency. On the other hand fluency, and comprehension are a weakness of the program, with only 2 of the 10 parts being dedicated to fluency and comprehension…show more content…
Due to the scripted nature of this program’s curriculum it appears that it could be effectively implemented at my school, by the para-professionals after they are given proper training on the technique. Also due to the length and time commitment that this program requires it would be impossible for teachers to implement it in the classroom without the child(ren) being pulled out by a specialist to complete the

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