F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Truly Great?

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Throughout the novel of “The Great Gatsby”, the audience is constantly reminded of the question, how great is Jay Gatsby? This essay aims to discuss the extent to which Jay Gatsby is indeed great. This essay will clarify what the word “great” implies, by breaking it up into its many forms, and how the connotations of this word apply to Gatsby himself. To dissect the word “great” in one clear, concise definition is not possible as the definition of great is not concrete. To be great can mean that somebody is excellent at what they do, successful, powerful and good. The word “great” can mean that a person who possesses the quality of greatness is loyal, passionate and is spectacular. What remains to be discussed here is to what degree these connotations apply to Gatsby. Carter the Great, The Great Houdini and The Great Gatsby. One of the main aspects of Jay Gatsby’s character is the aspect of illusion. Gatsby throws these over-exaggerated, theatrical and spectacular parties almost to put on a show to impress everyone. There is this illusory quality of Gatsby’s character, Gatsby has not only concealed his past from society but has created a role for him to play. The title of the novel then refers, to some extent,…show more content…
Gatsby was extremely loyal to the green light which represents his dream, Daisy. Gatsby’s character was committed and passionate about his dream, so much to the extent that Gatsby sacrificed his own life for this dream, “to this conception he was faithful to the end”. One can see that Gatsby had ambition from such a young age as shown from the schedule he made as a boy in the book Hopalong Cassidy. Gatsby’s loyalty to his dream is shown by his material possessions; he bought his lavish mansion in order to be directly across the bay from Daisy where the conception of the green light began. His passion, ambition and loyalty to his dream highlight Gatsby’s

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