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Success is a common goal in life, though the definition varies and depends on the values or priorites of each person. It is typically pursued with the intenion of having the most satisfactory life as possible. Success may also offer a sense of stability both financially and emotionally. Some people value academic success, while others value material gain. Success may also be found in living in accordance to the moral or spiritual position of an individual. Others may find fufillment with success in personal relationships or the general approval of people, which tides into fame. Fame is a visible professional level of success and is the state in which a person gains recognition by the masses for a talent or inherited position. Instant fame is one form of success. It is the type of success one gains overnight and one has to be at the right place, at the right time, in the right position to gain. Another form of success is gradual success. This type of success develops slowly overtime and one needs patience, perserverance, and hard work. One type of fame is refered to…show more content…
Evidently, wealthy and famous people are more prosperous than most of the nation and have attained something that the average person does not; an alluring lifestyle and great fortune. That being said, the same thing could be said about people who are famous or wealthy are not necessarily happy. Money does not always equate to happiness. They both also get more courteous and pleasant treatment in social situations than the ordinary person. Wealthy and famous people alike have the power to influence others. The more one has, the more influential one can be. There are also many differences between the two. While fame is easier to achieve, it does not necessarily mean that one is wealthy. Another major difference is one can be famous without being wealthy, as people can become famous for all sorts of reasons, and one can be wealthy without being

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