The Definition Of Success: Essay, And Success

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Most parents teach their children to be honest and moral and encourage them to be successful. These are neither inclusive nor exclusive of one another, but rather relying on the definition of success and the extent it is taken. If I measure success by being honest and moral and that is my purpose in life, there is absolutely no contradiction. But, if success to me is having a stable job and being independent, capable and happily married, then honesty might have to take a backseat to achieving success at times. If we examine the morality of consumption and success, we will find another obvious conflict there. Thousands of years ago there would be little contradiction among philosophers. For instance Thucydides believed you can do what it takes for success and crush others and still be moral, but most Americans don’t align with that thought process. For Plato and Socrates there would also be no…show more content…
Success is measured as an ability to stand on your own at a minimum, and in some cases success is measure by materialistic worth. Success in many cases is achieved in a competitive environment. If the end goal is success, then in many situations it would not be advantageous to end goals to be honest and moral. College courses are a prime example, as students might cheat by downloading papers or lie on write opinions that appeal to the bias of instructors to ensure higher grades. These actions are immoral, but when discussed behind closed doors are often viewed as acceptable, as ‘everyone else is doing it’. It is the price of competing for success in today’s society. In workplaces supervisors expect to be lied to for minor issues on a routine basis, if it makes work progress quickly and minimize conflict with their supervisors. To be successful and reliably counted on in some workplaces you are expected to lie and take shortcuts, in that instance there is a

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