Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Environment

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Bronfenbrenner found that you had to observe people in its natural social context and not in a closed room as was done with experiments. According to Bronfenbrenner “the person’s evolving conception of the ecological environment, and his relation to it, as well as the person’s growing capacity to discover, sustain or alter its properties” (Bronfenbrenner U. , 1979, p. 9) Bronfenbrenner developed a theory with micro-, meso-, macro-, exo- and chronosystems in which all sorts of factors that influence the behaviour could be considered. (Visser, 2007) Micro-system explores the relations of the person in his immediate environment (parents, partner, child, school). These relationships are reciprocal, whereby both parties continuously are influenced.…show more content…
There are two types within this system that are important. The first type includes the events that occur within the normal course of life. Like; going to school, going through puberty, working, starting a family. A second type is the non-normative type; these are events that are not part of the normal course of life such as a serious illness or death of a person from the direct surroundings, the divorce of parents. All these events will have an impact on the further development of an individual. (Bronfenbrenner U. , 1994) When I was eighteen years old I developed an autoimmune disease. Before this I was able to do everything I wanted but when I got sick I had to reorganize my life, as I was not able to do everything anymore due to being sick. I had to change my diet, take medicine on time, and get enough rest. All this had a great impact on my life and people around me. Therefor it made me very aware the importance of being healthy which impacted the way I raise my own…show more content…
Her parents were very poor, both parents alcoholic and most of the time not present. Still she managed to finish school, get a good job, start a family and support herself. However her older brother turned out to be involved in small crime and is currently in rehab. I believe for my friend to manage and build herself a normal life has to do with the social support that was present during her childhood. The neighborhood and friends helped her in difficult times and later on she started to attend church, which was mayor help for her to rebuild her life and to ignore the negative influences she received from her parents. As for her brother, because of this negative start in life and later on having the wrong friends, getting involved with gangs and not having the support in the neighborhood as people were afraid of him, present the influence the different systems can have in a positive and negative

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