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Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. While growing up I was always told that if I work hard and finished school I would grow up to have tons of money or “success”. Television had a big impact on what I had believed success was, because of how it portrait things to the public and as a child you see it and you believe it. The media have convinced society that the true meaning of having success is by having the most recent car or having an enormous house. Maybe you become wealthy and afford the latest cars and the mansion you always wanted, but there will always be a new version of your car and possibly a better home then yours. You will continue to go around in your circle trying to keep up with the latest trend to prove your…show more content…
Some parents go as far as trying to live there dream through their child without allowing them to have a chose of there own. My family was the type that kept pushing me to become a police officer saying it fit me an my personality. My version of being successful was becoming a police officer and after that I didn’t know much more. As life experiences happen my prospective of success had changed dramatically. The confusion of becoming a police officer and then being considered successful was a bizarre thought. The day I got my first apartment I discovered how passionate I was in the kitchen. While cooking some pork chop I felt this joy it was like a feeling I never felt. Cooking just seemed to put a smile on my face the outcome of mixing different ingredients and creating something so delicious made me feel alive. It was this enjoy that came out of no where it made me see what it is to do something you love. Not only do I want to open my own restaurant in the future, but part of the profit that I make from the restaurant I would like to use it to feed those in need. I will be putting smiles on other faces not just

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