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What is Success? Success has an endless amount of definitions, but when calling someone "successful", what are they really saying? Accomplishment, achievement, benefit, progress, prosperity, victory, and triumph. These used to be the synonyms of success. However, society's version of success has become so wrong and caught up in the monetary part of it, that the word has lost its true meaning. Where Jim Rohn once said, “Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well", William Howell now says, "success is currently defined by one's salary, irrelevant of the career in question." Synonyms of society's new definition of success include, prosperity, fame, gain, profit, win and fortune. This is not right. True success is when you feel…show more content…
She is 35 years old, currently raising three boys, happily married, and a faithful Christian. She loves her job, working with disabled people, though she makes barely more than the minimum wage. She enjoys the simple things in life like watching her boys play football, and picking apples with her husband in the fall. She is one of the most caring, kind hearted people I know, with as many hopes and dreams as the four year old girl who wants to be a princess. As a child I always wanted to go to Auntie Jill's house, she made me feel extra special and I knew I would enjoy just being around her and her family. She brings joy easily into not only her own life, but into the people surrounding her as well. Financially standing she is a wreck, she loves to spend too much and earns too little. Her job is not her dream career and she may never get that far, but that has never dampened her life or attitude. She is pleased with her faith in God, she loves her family abundantly, has a good heart, always sees the best in people, and is beyond satisfied with where her life is at right now, this is what makes her successful. Money has nothing to do with

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