Customer Relationship Management Proposal

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Customer Relationship Management Proposal In the current world, an advertisement which interrupts a customer’s life when watching television, or listening to radio does very little to persuade them regarding a product or service. What marketers should do is to build a relationship with potential customers, earning the permission to engage with them and sell products and services to them. The point to remember is that when a marketer gains approval, the customer becomes not only receptive to the message but anticipates it. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is a strategy used to manage a firm’s interaction with its sales prospects, clients and customers. It encompasses leveraging on technology to plan, automate, and harmonize business…show more content…
It is a process that creates, communicates, and delivers value to the customer. Furthermore, it must manage the customer relationship in a manner that benefits an entity and its stakeholders. Customer relationship management differs from traditional marketing because it focuses on the customer as opposed to traditional marketing that is product oriented. Traditional marketing concentrates on the four Ps of marketing, which is; product, price, place, and promotion. Companies that use this model concentrate on developing new products brands, feature, and the benefits they aim at realizing once their products get to the market. In the place, companies focus is on the channels of delivering the products to the destination markets, and retail outlets. Traditional marketing focuses on integrated communication channels of promoting products to customers. Lastly, the price of the products depends on the cost of production. Furthermore, these companies increase profits by improving the features of its…show more content…
These persons are also expected to shield their purchasing verdicts. Companies that are drawn to CRM are not focusing on the vast numbers, but on improving business activities. CRM allows both large and small entities to synchronize and automate every aspect of consumer interaction in marketing, customer service, sales, and support. Wells Fargo is one of the companies that has successfully implemented customer relationship management. It is an organization that keeps track of property and money of more than 70 million people, and for sure, customer service is one of their worries. The company understands that most of its clients use multiple banks, so they know that they must go beyond when linking clients. They have managed to achieve success in this area by leveraging of CRM. The entity ensures that those who have concerns are connected to someone who can offer assistance as quickly as possible. According to Steve Ellis who heads Wells Fargo’s Wholesale Service Department, the cloud is a way of helping individuals to connect with clients, to link to new product lines, and the risk management

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