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Founder& leader of School Math Club; Grade9,10; 4hrs/wk, 20wks/yr I started a math club at Notre Dame Catholic High School because we did not have a specific academic club available but many of my fellow students were very willing to expand their academic horizons. I did this in order to provide more opportunities for students who would like to enrich their spare time with something challenging and meaningful. My club members and I meet up every week to solve challenging math questions from the SATs. During our sessions, our academic skills were strengthened greatly and I have got sense of achievement. What’s more, organizing club affairs has also improved my leadership and communication skills. This experience has provided me a great chance to have a positive impact on my community and gain self-growth at the same time. Speaking of growth, I am always thinking of future plans for the math club. For example, I will definitely expand the reach and range of the topics covered. The math club will not only be an organization for those who are interested in math, but also the stage for everyone who is willing to develop their way of thinking as well, since math represents a unique level of elaborative faculty. Drawing &…show more content…
I started to take singing class since I was 6. I have learned how to skillfully use the combination of the true voice and the false voice. I had vocal training for one and a half hours each day, and I reached the 10th level when I was 11 which was an extremely young age. For years, I have been on stage to sing for every charity thanks will in my neighborhood and preformed at my middle school for some Monday Assembly. Singing has cultivated my confidence and sentiments, shaping me more positively and patiently. And singing is also a way to express my feelings and ideas anytime want. More over, I hope to spread the characteristic Chinese music to western schools out of my pursuit for

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