The Importance Of Mobile CRM

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Introduction We are living in the age of Smartphones, that have transformed how and when we access data. With new functionality constantly multiplying the ease with which we can access and use data, and the dawn of wearable tech like the Google Glass®, mobile technology is set to increase its involvement in our everyday lives, both professionally and personally. Not that long ago, someone leaving their house in the morning usually only had two things they couldn't forget – their wallet/purse and their keys. Today, a mobile phone, often along with another mobile device such as a tablet, is also an essential 'take everywhere' item. Latest sophisticated mobile technology, ever evolving mobile applications and amazing network speeds enables field…show more content…
With the competitive business environment losing the customer to another competitor may hamper your business. Therefore it has now become important that CRM tool adapts, too, and that means providing a comprehensive Mobile CRM application. What is Mobile CRM? Mobile customer relationship management (mobile CRM) is a type of customer relationship management application designed to be executed, operated and accessed through mobile platforms. Mobile CRM enables organizations to add, edit and manage their interaction and relationships with current or prospective customers through mobile applications on handheld mobile devices, PDAs and tablet PCs. Mobile CRM lets your mobile or remote employees use mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets to access, update and interact with customer data wherever they are. Mobile CRM can be an extension of the in-house deployed CRM, accessed using a thin client application over a secure VPN connection, or a cloud CRM accessed through a mobile Web browser. Depending on the vendor/developer, mobile CRM may provide the same functionality and services as a desktop or typical CRM without the need for prior installation besides a…show more content…
Mobile CRM allows large sets of CRM data to be stored locally on the device, allowing users to add, edit, and interact on the go. If a user is in a meeting, at an airport, on an airplane, or in a customer’s lobby, they are able to perform functions like adding notes, looking up prices, searching support ticket history, or updating status, without being forced to connect and reconnect through the process. Moreover, the field staff has to work in complex environment, complete deals in short time, update existing lead, find new prospects, assign a service request etc. it’s difficult for them to open a laptop every now and then to complete these tasks. Here our lighter weight, always ON nature of Mobile allows people to finish the same amount of work hassle-free and in less time. Reduced costs for IT & Telecommunication: The cost of IT expenditures can be reduced by moving sales reps / service staff to mobile devices. Along with that a single data and voice device can further reduce the equipment costs. Moreover combining communication costs by eliminating internet connection can reduce connectivity costs as

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