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INTILIGENT GESTURE BASED WHEEL CHAIR Abstract:- We can see in our daily life it is very complicated for the people who are physically disabled. It is very complicated for those who can’t walk to do daily activities. They must use wheel chair to do daily activities. Our project is to reduce the complexities for those who don’t have strength to move their chair by themselves. With the help of our project they can control their wheel chair by moving their hands. We are using mems accelerometer to control wheel chair for user friendly control. With the help of gesture sensor we can easily control the wheel chair. Since we are having three dimensional axis in mems accelerometer we can easily control wheel chair. It is to replace the joystick control…show more content…
INTRODUCTION We can see that it is very complicated for the old people or physically handicapped people to walk. Most of the cases they need some one’s help to do their daily activities. For physically handicapped people they can’t even walk properly. They need a wheel chair. Some of them move their chair with themselves, but for others they don’t have that much strength to pull their chair themselves. We have to fix motors for their chairs. Controlling is also a complicated issue for them. We are using gesture based wheel chair control in which they can control their wheel chair themselves. We are using MMA7660 mems. It contains three dimensional axis with resolution of 64 on each axis. With resolution we can easily detect the motion. Mems contains the main registers which are x, y, z which are x-axis, y-axis, z-axis respectively. We need to use Inter Integrated Protocol protocol to communicate with the mems ic, which is also known as I2C protocol. I2C protocol is one of the synchronies serial communication protocol. By reading the x, y, z registers we can calculate the small change in the accelerometer which is placed in hands of the person who seated in the wheel chair. With these registers we can calculate the direction in which person wanted to move the wheel chair and we can give the corresponding instructions regarding the direction to the

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