Xyz Paints Company Case Study

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Introduction XYZ Paints Company is India’s largest company with enviable reputation in corporate world with professionalism and fast track growth. It was formed to meet the growing demand for professional grade painting with ongoing need and refining services. It is premium provider of high quality surface preparation, custom and commercial painting and finishing services in overall India. The focus of company is to provide services to residential, municipal, commercial building with high quality service product. The company has brought values to customers as a surface - coating consultant at the retail management level as well as commercial coatings applications sales manages a focused team of professional, highly experienced…show more content…
Figure) On the basis of Solution Proposal and Commercial proposal, Company1 acquired the project. Vendor Management for Tabs and PC system This application has two type of users: a) Desktop application Users b) Mobile Application Users a) Desktop Application users: The users for this application will be Customer Care Executive who will receive the call and will enter the complaint information into PC system and synchronize. The complaint will go to particular Treasury Sales officer (TSO). There will be total 10 desktop PC for getting and Handling the complaints. b) Mobile Application Users: There are 4 type of Users for Mobile Application system. i) TSO (Treasury Sales officer): Once complaint will be enter into the system by Customer Care executive, the complaint will directly go to the TSO. This will be first level of user. ii) Area manager: If TSO will not be able to resolve the complaint, then after synchronization complaint will come to Area Manager. This will be 2nd level of

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