Bespoke Framing Service Case Study

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Introduction Bespoke framing service company (BFS) is local business which specializes in manufacturing picture frames for customers. The company produced paintings, photographs and sporting memorabilia. The company’s clients have desire to buy art galleries, local businesses and sports clubs at this time. The frames are manufactured with dark wood, light wood and aluminium. Bespoke framing service has six staffs in production line. The company asks to offer those frames from local suppliers. The company advertises in local newspapers, magazines, and local radio station. The existing customers also give recommendations to the company. The director wants to exploit the potential of e-commerce by increasing the number of businesses online to a huge number of audiences outside the other regions, to target…show more content…
Branding Branding is important for a company to be noticed and get loyalty from customers. Bespoke framing service company will use effective branding strategy. The company will manufacture frames with different shapes, sizes and types of wood which can differentiate company’s products from other competitors. The company will produce attractive picture frames for customers. The picture frames should also be relevant for clients whether it is suitable in customers’ homes to hang on the wall or is it heavy to carry from one place to another. BFS will try to get good perceived value from customers like the frames are made from quality wood and offer attractive designs for customers. BFS will also use brand consolidation strategy. The company will offer service to other companies (for example, furniture companies and home decoration companies) for customers who want things in one place as building brand which will lead to success in future. E-mail

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