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Caring for Tropical Fish can be easy if you know the basics but a lot of people especially those who are new to the hobby tend to make the same mistake each day and wonder why their tropical fish do not look healthy and vibrant. The fact is, it is important to know what it is that your tropical fish need to be healthy and in practicing this, you will be the proud owner of a tank full of beautiful, colorful pets. Tropical Fish Tips There are a lot of factors that affect the health and comfort of your tropical fish but in this post I will detail five of the most important tips. Tip #1: Tropical Fish Water Quality Monitor the quality of your water by getting yourself a good test kit. When fish excrete, their waste produces ammonia which can be…show more content…
Oscars, for example, need a varied diet and not having it will cause diseases such as the infamous ‘hole in the head’. Discus need a high protein diet. And African cichlids should never be fed with bloodworm or their will bloat and die. Know the proper diet of your tropical fish and supply them with proper nutrition. Tip #4: Tropical Fish Tank Mates Crowded Tropical FishYou can’t just simply put two random tropical fish of different species in the same tank and expect them to survive. Different species of tropical fish have different environmental and dietary needs. Before placing different species in a tank, you must ensure that these species share common needs in terms of temperature and water quality as well as diet. Some tropical fish such as the African Mbuna and male Betta fish are extremely territorial and aggressive and will attack any fish that swim near them. You will need to understand their territorial needs before placing new tank mates. These tropical fish require a large tank with lots of places to hide. Also, move the larger decoration items from time to time to prevent them from establishing a

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