Creative Industries In International Business

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Creative Industries on International Business Nowadays, the development of economic and business life of the world is experiencing a paradigm shift, from the resource-based economy to a knowledge-based economic paradigm or creativity. It is happening because the based economy paradigm of resources that had seen as of view is quite effective in accelerating economic development and business development is considered to have failed to adapt and accommodate changes in the business environment. It is evident, only in the group of companies concerned with the improvement of the capacity of an asset that has a chance to innovate and able to survive the turbulent changes in the business environment, and that's where the role of the creative economy…show more content…
Industrialization has created employment patterns, production patterns and distribution patterns that are cheaper and more efficient. The new discoveries in the field of information and communication technologies such as the Internet, email has created a relationship of interdependence between humans that encourage people to become more active and productive in finding new technologies. Another impact arising from this change is the rise of competitiveness or greater market competition. These conditions require companies find a way to reduce costs as cheaply as possible and so efficiently in order to maintain its existence. Developed countries began to realize that this time they can not just rely on the industry as an economic resource in the country but they must rely more on human resources creative because human creativity that comes from the power he thought that a capital base for innovation in the face of competitiveness or the greater market competition. So that in the 1990s began a new economic era that promotes creativity and information and popularly known as the Creative Economy is driven by the industrial sector called Creative Industries. The ctreative economy is the use of backup resources that are not only renewable, even infinite, which is ideas, talents and creativity. The economic value of a product or service in a creative era…show more content…
Such as like the example above. Even more in this globalization, where the natural resources are limited and getting more decreasing so that we have looked for the other ideas or ways to develop it to useful things that we can use in our daily life. Creative industries can minimalize the using of resources because it can change and develop exciting resources to become new things that useful. From raw material or maybe just repair of goods that are not worth taking and so on. But it depends on people who are doing it, it is depend on their creativity to process all of them. So that not only the creativity is needed here but also the people

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