Explain The Three Major Trends In Health Care Administration

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Top 3 trends in the healthcare administration industry Health care administration includes control, managing, and administration connected with public well being techniques, medical techniques, private hospitals, and medical center communities. Healthcare is of a constant scrutinized topic and with the regulatory bodies playing the role of both controlling and pushing the sector and private players plying in, this sector has experienced some major trends in the recent years. Process Improvements and integration of technology Process improvement in the healthcare sector involves a lot of aspects which includes the overall improvement in the efficiency of the operations, ensuring cost efficiency and privacy concerns. Recent years have seen health care administration to focus on technology and its integration in the system not only through the increasing…show more content…
Mergers of the hospitals will not only mean the transfer of ownership but also the mergers of the practices to ensure the best practices can be achieved and optimized. The Purchase of nonprofit organizations and their conversion into for profit organizations will ensure creation of career opportunities for healthcare executives in fields like medical staff relations and public affairs. Smaller organizations are expected to partner with the larger organizations to create new optimized ecosystems. Conclusion With the rapidly changing landscape for the healthcare delivery systems, the career opportnties lying in store for the healthcare executives is expanding. The cost containment issues coupled with the integration of technology and the aging of the population has created a continuous demand for the health care executives worldwide. Use of IT and technology calls for the need of more skilled workforce in the nursing and the management

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