Australian Animation Industry Analysis

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The development and growth of the Australian animation industry has increased exponentially over the last one hundred years, with recent improved technology and high demand resulting in successful studios achieving international acclaim. One such studio is ‘Animal Logic’, a Sydney based animation company whose success has helped the industry gain visibility and changed social attitudes towards animation as a legitimate art form and business. Animal Logic was established in 1991 with only ten people employed. According to the Animal Logic website (2014), after a successful start working with leading advertising agencies and commercial television directors, the company broke into the feature film business. Beginning with films such as Babe…show more content…
In order to continue providing quality animation and special effects to many clients locally and internationally in a variety of formats, Animal Logic launched three new divisions in early 2014 as stated on the Animal Logic News blog (2014). Animal Logic Entertainment is a new branch of the company based in Los Angeles which focuses on collaborating with leading studios, directors, writers and producers to develop a diverse collection of feature films driven by animation and visual effects. The Animal Logic Animation division has remained true to the company’s origin, creating visual and technical excellence in animation. It has recently completed work on Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie and The Lego Movie. The third division is Animal Logic VFX, a consolidation of its original VFX team and Fuel VFX, an Australian visual effects company which suffered a protracted downturn in 2012 when the value of the Australian dollar peaked, making our industry less affordable for the overseas market. Animal Logic bought Fuel VFX’s business assets at that time and for two years it continued trade under its own name. Animal Logic CEO Zareh Nalbandian said of the acquisition “Fuel VFX represents some of Australia’s best design and visual effects talent and capabilities. We are committed to making sure that this great creative resource will not disappear from our Australian VFX landscape.” (Swift 2012). Animal Logic has used its success not only to expand and strengthen its own assets and future but also to support the continuation of the Australian

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