Tak Ftz Case Study

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Assignment: 1- Frame 3 months strategic marketing plan to promote RAK TADE FREE ZONE 2- Would UAE events be good a platform to promote RAK FTZ services & why? First: Three months strategic marketing plan: • Conclusion: RAK FTZ has a proven track of success and engaged more than 8000 companies to operate their business RAK FTZ. It has been awarded “Best Emerging Free Zone” for the second year running, and has already developed into a world-class business hub with state-of-the-art infrastructure and hi-tech facilities for industrial growth and development in less than ten years of its inception. The marketing strategy would focus on 3 main parts: Research, enhancement & creation. Each part of the strategy would be executed within the period of three months with consideration of cooperation with business development department, Media/com. Department & sister agencies. Using the social media channels, stakeholders/ partners’ reports & the number of service requests (phone/ online) would be our supportive tolls to evaluate the marketing plan execution and adopt if there is a need. 1-…show more content…
Execution: A quick research on this year successful registrations businesses in RAK FTZ would give us a sense on which area of business the investors found RAK FTZ an excellent choice for their business investment. From there we would be closer to specify the segments of our target market during this period of time and determine the core messages which would have USPs for each

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