Under Armour Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT Analysis Strengths Under Armour’s initial public offering was filed in 2005, offering 12,124,000 shares at $13 per share. Since then the company’s IPO has sky-rocketed and reached a total offer amount of $157,612,000, which is extremely larger than an average companies IPO. A key strength of the company is its continuous growth. Since 2005 when the company went public. Since then its profits have reached a high of 20% annually and passing the 3 billion mark. The company’s endorsements have yielded in big returns and is a key attribute to the company’s success. Endorsements with Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors, who recently won the NBA title, and with Jordan Spieth; a golf player and winner of the Masters and U.S. Open golf tournaments. Under Armour’s many endorsements, partnerships, and advertisement deals have aided in the company maintaining its “cool” factor in the industry. The company’s ten-year impressive record has also resulted in it being ranked # 5 as the world’s best sports brand and recently being listed as the world’s most valuable sports brand in 2014 on Forbes Fab 40 list.…show more content…
Kevin Fallon; the creative director of innovation at Under Armour continues to re-define the possibilities between technology, innovation and apparel. For instance, the company has lead in combining active apparel and technological advances for athletes. New apparel items like Armour 39- a smart body strap that measures workout intensity and body metrics have hit the market hard in ways that are changing the athletic apparel industry. Also, another one of its key “strengths are the development and launch of new products and a growing product portfolio. This keeps the Under Armour’s brand competitive and visible in the marketplace” (Market

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