Why Should Britain Enter WWII

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Why should Britain enter WWII? World War II was from 1939 to 1945. It’s the deadliest war in human history. At that time, there were many conflicts between European countries. Many countries were unsatisfied with the treaty Versailles, especially Germany. Financial crisis and other problems made people feel depressed. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland. It’s the beginning of WWII. After three days, Britain entered WWII. Britain is one of the main Alliance Nations in WWII. I believed that Britain is reasonable to enter WWII. I have three reasons why I believe that Britain is reasonable to enter WWII.The first reason is Britain had signed the alliance entente with Poland [Anglo-Polish Military Alliance]. The second reason is Britain was threatened…show more content…
According to the secondary source, “At the outset of World War I, Japanese forces extended the empire deep into the central Pacific when it seized Germany's strategic Mariana, Caroline and Marshall Islands...Thus Japan became a major world power, less than 50 years after its modernization campaign had begun. ” This quotation reveals that Japan really wants to invade many other island and become powerful. This is important because that’s why Japan can colonize Singapore. According to a secondary resource, “Singapore was a wealthy and successful colony for the British.”. This quotation explained why Japan wanted to take this colony. This is important because Singapore played an important role.According to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill,“I think you ought to realize the way we view the situation in Singapore... The honor of the British Empire and of the British Army is at stake. I rely on you to show no mercy to weakness in any form.”(Churchill, Feb.10,1941.)This quotation reveals how important Singapore is . This is important because although Britain tried their best to protect Singapore, it’s still be taken away by Japan. It shows why Britain felt extremely shameful and angry

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