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Aldous Huxley: Inspired, Intelligent, and Insightful Many people enjoy books about a dystopian future that give them a contrast to the world they live in. An author who provided an escape from the real world was Aldous Huxley through the use of his descriptive settings. Throughout his life, Huxley was greatly influenced by his family’s career paths. His father was a professor, great uncle a poet, grandfather a contributor to the theory of evolution, and aunt a novelist. While Aldous Huxley faced many tragedies in his life, his family and experiences with blindness influenced his path to a career in writing as well as a change in his perspective on the world around him. From a young age, Aldous Huxley was described as highly intelligent…show more content…
For example, critics suggested that Thomas Love Peacock and Norman Douglas had some influence on his early novels (Adcock). Also, when writing Brave New World, Huxley used WW1 and H.G Wells as inspiration (Aliprandini). The people in his family were most likely the greatest influence in his career as almost all were involved in literature or science. Furthermore, when traveling with his first wife, Maria, and son, Matthew, Huxley experienced different parts of the world and changed his perspective on life which provided him with ideas for his novels ( One of the ideas Huxley was interested in, mysticism, caused him to experiment with the drugs that he would later write about in a few of his novels including Brave New World and Island (“Aldous Huxley”). Discovering different parts of the world also gave him a new outlook on his novel Brave New World. To illustrate, “I would offer the savage a third alternative...the possibility of sanity” (Beauchamp). Huxley’s exposure to the real world made him realize that there are more choices than the extremes of total self enlightenment or complete…show more content…
One author who writes about issues that relate to real life is Aldous Huxley in his book Brave New World. While reading his book, the reader gets a sense of how easy some people can be controlled as Huxley navigates the ups and downs of life without basic human relationships and drug abuse. Resulting from his real life experiences with drugs, he brings a relatable story about citizens being controlled through substance abuse for readers to appreciate. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World uses dramatized characters to explore the government’s deception of freedom and the contrasts between the real world and a

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