Cs540 Case Study

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What is CS540? What are the reasons that make it an awesome wireless headset? CS540 CS540 series is better and improved form of Plantronics. It is a new wireless headset design that is comfortable and easy to handle. As it is an enhanced form of Plantronics and designed in such a way that it provides multitasking feature to its users as it can connect the user up to 350 feet from the desk that it can perform activities and controls with your fingertips. Plantronics CS540 is the new form of Plantronics and it takes the place of Plantronics CS55 and the Plantronics CS50 family. Plantronics CS540 carries a weight of only 21 grams and considers to the lightest headset. This series of Plantronics is the good source of communication and its talk time limit ends up to seven hours of using which is the great advantage of CS540 series. Plantronics CS540 made great achievement in its field that it is considered to a number one selling headset that is using in office work.…show more content…
The CS540 has also the quality of noise canceling feature that removes or reduces the background noise or disturbance up to 75% that makes the Plantronics CS540 a good product or a better creature for a communication purpose and makes it the best choice for their users who use it. In this device, there is also a feature to adjust the volume of this type of headsets for both of the listening and microphone volume and we adjust the volume of it according to our own

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