Consumer Buying Behaviour Research

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A study on the consumer buying behaviour chapter 2 - Research design 1.STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: Modern marketing concept starts and ends with consumer. There fore the success of any product depends on consumer ‘s. It is very important to know the consumer ‘s taste and preference to the product. An attempt has been made to find out various attributes that influences on the buying decision of the prospective consumer and their perception towards UNIBIC cookies.. Thus the research problem selected for the purpose of this project work “A study on consumer behaviour towards unibic cookies”. 2.REVIEW OF LITERATURE a) A ABDUL BROSEKHAN: The title of the paper is consumer buying…show more content…
The objectives formed in this study is impulse buying may largely be an unconscious buying behaviour driven by an effective force beyond the control of the individual. The method of study used is review centric research study. The conclusion can be minor differences are becoming important for firms. c)MANALI KHANIWALE: The title of the paper is consumer buying behaviour .The objective framed is to analyse the theoretical aspects of consumer buying behaviour and factors that influence it. The method of study used is in-depth interviews. The paper can be concluded that The internal and external factors have significant influence on consumer behaviour which impacts their purchasing process. d)MURUGANANTHAM & RAVI: The title of the paper is A review on impulsive buying behaviour .The objective formed is that paper will be used for marketing purpose and researchers towards comprehensive knowing of customers. The method of study used in this paper is wide range of journals ,books and data bases. e)HENRY…show more content…
5. SCOPE:  This study is confined to Unibic Biscuits India Private Limited area of Bengaluru.  It is aimed to study the behaviour of the customers in buying biscuits.  The scope of the study extends to aminly,B2B so it a descriptive study of the consumers. The survey is conducted to know the opinion, expectations, views and buying behaviour of the customers towards the company's products. 6.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Methodology:- The relevant information and data for the study have been collected from various primary and secondary sources. Secondary data are collected from various websites, books etc. and shops for the purpose of study area are also visited . Descriptive type of research was followed and used “questionnaire method” which is one of the systematic gatherings of information. A questionnaire was prepared on the basis of the objectives of the study. Questionnaires were distributed to 200 respondents in the selected area in a random basis. Data thus collected has been tabulated and analyzed. Questionnaires were prepared for corporate employees, working women, homemaker, businessmen and students approached them

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