Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

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Marketers of goods and services usually carry out marketing research on consumer behavior and accordingly prepare the marketing program to suit the needs and requirements consumers. However, the marketing research in the context of consumers differs when it comes to urban vs. rural or durable products vs. FMCGs.In this connection, apart from 4 P’s of marketing i.e. product, price, promotion and place, the marketers have to give special attention to 4 A’s i.e. awareness, acceptability, affordability and availability of the goods and services because they play a vital role in the era of severe competition among the companies. In this paper, the researchers tried to bring out the important factors that influence the purchase decision of refrigerators…show more content…
With a view to get benefit from situational factors major retailers attempt to create an environment and situations in stores that motivate prospective customers to make purchase decision. Range of available tools to achieve such an outcome include providing relaxing music in stores, making arrangement for refreshing smells in stores and placing bread and milk products in super markets towards the end of stores to facilitate movement of customers throughout the store to make additional purchases etc.The short time nature of situational factors has been rightly analyzed by Batra and Kazmi…show more content…
5-points Likert’s rating scale has been used for measurement. At first the data set has been tested for adequacy and non- co linearity by using KMO test and Bartlett’s test in order to test the reliability of the instrument. Then the data has been processed by applying Factor Analysis using Principal Component method. The factor analysis has also pointed out the significant factors that influence the buying behavior of consumers. 6. Data analysis and interpretation The data analysis has been done with the help of the SPSS software version-20. The first test was the KMO test of data adequacy. The result showed the test value of 0.657 which is more than 0.6. This indicates that the data set above 0.5 is adequate for further analysis. The next is the Bartlett’s test of sphericity. The test result is significant indicating that the correlation matrix is an identifying matrix and the variables set are not related to each other. Therefore, the data set is adequate enough for further analysis. Table-1 , KMO and Bartlett's

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