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It has been 3 years since I last attended a symphony orchestra concert. What makes this concert experience different from my previous ones is that it was an outdoor concert. Presented by Bosch, Symphony in the Park was held in celebration of Singapore’s 50th anniversary. Featuring the NUS Symphony Orchestra, it was a straightforward and sincere attempt to bring the audience to momentarily relinquish their troubles in modern society and simply indulge themselves in familiar tunes of the yesteryears. Despite the weather being a little hazy and warm, there was quite a huge turnout as families were having picnic in the park whilst enjoying the musical atmosphere together. Conducted by maestro Mr. Lim Soon Lee, the NUS Symphony Orchestra performs…show more content…
With this effect, the orchestra also appeared in a golden glow of resplendence with their polished instruments. I noticed that many casual visitors to the park, initially oblivious to the fact that a concert was going on, stopped to listen and then came closer to sit down and enjoy the unexpected treat. The concert lasted slightly more than an hour, which I feel is a little too short. The transitions between the different pieces were seamlessly done that I instinctively immerse myself in the music, not realizing that the concert has come to an end. Apart from the fact that it was a free event, I felt that the performance was also a treat to my senses. In conclusion, the combination of technology with many acoustic and non-acoustic attributes perceived by an audience member can make a concert a memorable one. The cast and orchestration’s uncanny ability to conjure elegant counterpoint, rich harmonies, varied dynamic shadings, and soaring melodies was consistently awe-inspiring and often mesmerizing. I could see and hear that every performer put their heart and soul into the performance. Finally, a concert cannot carry on successfully without the conductor, who led the whole orchestra in playing such mesmerizing music with

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