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The Commercial Revolution was a period of time in which Europe experienced a vast amount of economic changes and a shift in deplomatic power favoring the west. Through these economic changes came about a complete transformation of Europe beginning with its transition from a local economy to a global one. The Commercial Revolution transformed the European economy and diplomatic balance of power in the period from 1650 - 1763 through growth in industry and population due to the establishment of new trade routes to the New World, the rise of new economic theories and practices resulting from political and economic centralization, and the downfall and lack of prosperity within various European countries. Through the establishment of ocean trade…show more content…
In the east, various countries such as Germany, Russia, Bohemia, and Hungary still contained serfendom as they had in the Dark Ages. The lords in those countries were the only people who benefited from the revolution, while their serfs had no rights, and their monarchies were very weak. In comparison, peasants in the west could own land, and the poor were given jobs in efforts to better the economy. This caused the majority of the east side of europe to have much less power than western countries such as England. Germany also suffered a disastrous decline due to its depopulation and loss of capital resulting from the Thirty Years War. Spain also had a downfall due to its decrease in population and it's weak middle class. Although France had been incredibly successful during the revolution and even conquered new territories through the development of a modern army by Louis XIV, the War of Spanish Succession caused the country to have a major downfall. This down fall and lack of prosperity within various countries in Europe caused a major shift in deplomatic

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