Literature And Literature Review: Review Of Culture And Culture

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REVIEW OF LITERATURE AND RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 2.0. INTRODUCTION Branding is ultimately about securing the future of a company, its products and services, by building loyalties using emotional as well as rational values. Such values matter because they are exchanged for cash in the marketplace and affect the perception of a company’s products and services as well as its ability and its freedom to manage its future. The companies which are rated by marketers as the rising stars for the future are those with very clearly positioned confident corporate brands. These companies deliver through their core competencies and, more importantly, have a coherent core value and emotional brand proposition for the consumer. A brand is inclusive. It…show more content…
Brand building should be conscious effort, well planned and systematically executed. Thus, brand building is similar to building concrete structures. If one observes, all concrete structures are built systematically brick by brick over a specified period of time and later maintained on a continuous basis. Similar analogy applies to brand building, e.g., the marketer should develop, innovate, nurture and add value constantly in relation to changing needs and wants of the ultimate customers. A common misconception is that brands are basically built by advertising. It is true that TV advertising in its early days was the most effective brand-building tool. There were very few TV stations and people watched the comedies, dramas, and ads with almost equal interest. Now those viewers are watching one of many TV channels and many are zapping or ignoring the commercials. In fact, many more are simply not watching TV. They are busy on their computers or engaged in recreational activities. Costs, market fragmentation, and new media channels that let customers bypass advertisements seem to be in league against the old ways of marketing. Relying on mass media campaigns to build strong brand may be a thing of the…show more content…
Corporate brand personality is a form of brand personality specific to a corporate brand. Unlike a product brand personality that typically relates to consumers and user imagery for a specific product brand, a corporate brand personality can be defined in terms of the human characteristics or traits of the employees of the corporation as a whole. A corporate brand personality will reflect the values, words, and actions of all employees of the corporation. A successful 21st century firm must carefully manage its corporate brand personality. The three core dimensions of corporate brand personality and two traits for each dimension that are crucial for marketplace success are outlined as Passionate and Compassionate (Heart), Creative and Disciplined (Mind) and Agile and Collaborative (Body). These traits have an interactive effect such that the effects of one trait can be enhanced by the existence of

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