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Split a sad story with a bittersweet end also described as gripping and heartbreaking. This book is a dramatic tale of a boy's life with an abusive father and how he turned his life around. It was written by Swati Avasthi and published March, 9, 2010. The written events start out in the household of Jace Witherspoon in Chicago with his abusive father and broken mother, then he went to live with his brother in Albuquerque. These characters each learned that people can change if they work hard enough. Jace Witherspoon is just a sixteen year old who got kicked out of his home by his father after he fought back and hit his dad. His mother had given him an address to his brothers house and a little bit of money. “I roll down the passenger seat window. She leans in and…show more content…
I put my keys on the seat and found a stack of bills-ones and fives-in the envelope.”. When he arrived at his brother's apartment, he was surprised to see how many rules he had for him if he wanted to stay with him. His brother Christian had a girlfriend, Mirriam, a language arts teacher who helped him get into a school in the new town, he had a hard time getting along with her but his brothers rules had him in a bit of a pinch when it came to getting along with her. The new school had a football/soccer team, was always a football/soccer player he saw it as a way he and his father had a happy memory and also another way he and his father were even more alike same easy to anger attitude. After Christian and Jace had been living together Christian finds out Jace had been emailing his mom and then Have decided it was the time to tell his brother their mother was coming for thanksgiving. Christian was sceptic about this cause why would she leave him now if she wouldn't leave him when he had eft? The truth was she wasn't coming she only said she was so Jace would go. But then Jaces

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