Agricultural Vegetable Market

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1. INTRODUCTION Marketing of agricultural crops is the most crucial aspect of commercial farming. Farmers’ markets are the places where farmers congregate to sell all types of farm products. These markets play a major role in the distribution of farm produce and exist in a variety of forms like vegetable markets, fruit markets, grain markets etc. Out of these,a vegetable market or ‘sabzi mandi’ can be defined as a place where several producers gather on a regular basis to sell vegetables and fruits to the customers[1]. The fresh horticultural products are marketed through a system of farmers (producers), intermediaries (commission agents and wholesale dealers) and retailers and consumers (buyers). Out of these, the farmers (producers) are the…show more content…
It is evident from these figures that more than 72% of the farmers were either illiterate or had education upto matriculation standard only, while the remaining 28% possessed higher educational qualifications. The low level of education among the vegetables cultivators is due to the fact that although horticulture is a scientific profession yet it does not require any specialized skills. The farmers can easily get themselves trained in it, even if they have little formal…show more content…
The farmers engaged in cultivation of vegetables do not leave their land fallow even for a few days. Under such circumstances, a large amount of fertilizers are needed to maintain the fertility of the soil. Out of the total 25 farmers interviewed, almost all of them used chemical fertilizers like urea, di ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulphate, calcium nitrate, single superphosphate, potassium nitrate etc. However 8 farmers are also using organic fertilizers like farmyard manure, compost and animal-dung manure. Apart from the use of fertilizers a few farmers also use oxytocin injections to boost plant growth. All the 25 farmers also make liberal use of toxic insecticides, pesticides and herbicides to maximum possible extent in order to increase crop

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