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General Overview and personal experiences over the newly established CPS All the respondents tried to describe about the quality of clinical pharmacy service being given in this hospital based on their personal experiences. Their response reflects wide range of views ranging from their attitude towards the importance of the service to their level of satisfaction with the service. Some respondent explained the impact of this service on the patient health care system: ….Clinical pharmacists have played a great role to avoid medication error. We have seen some changes in patient care so far e.g. changing drug regimen by communicating with medical interns; deciding when to stop medication, monitoring of side effect and identifying drug-drug interactions……show more content…
Those are ensuring appropriateness, efficacy, safety and convenience of the medication… (Cpharm 3) Some viewed the role of clinical pharmacist more broadly from patient’s perspective. They described that considering cost analysis and understanding patient’s psychology during counseling are vital for the better patient care outcome: …Especially developing countries like Ethiopia, a role of clinical pharmacist is aimed to reduce drug cost associated problem … (Cpharm 2) ….They (clinical pharmacist) have to consider other things like psychology of a patient, affordability of drugs, its impact on social interaction as some drugs causes change to mouth odor “bad one”; changes to urine color, so this may cause psychological problem… (NUR 3) The other area of scope of practice mentioned by most of the respondents is the role of clinical pharmacist for the health practitioners and the community: … They (clinical pharmacists) have a great role in preventing antibiotics drug resistance …. (NUR 3) …I believe they (clinical pharmacists) can provide health practitioners including nurse with updated drug information and can be a source of information regarding drug administration, particularly on how to prepare IV drugs prior to administration… (NUR…show more content…
This ward needs clinical pharmacist’s involvement since chemotherapies need high level of drug therapy knowledge... (MD 3) … The presence of well-equipped DIC with materials and database; Adequacy of stuffs; and presence of clinical pharmacy department all these are also considered as an opportunity… (Cpharm 3) Some of respondents interviewed described that the government policy and presence of national guidelines have a big role not only in the implementation but also on the sustainability of the program which enabled the service to come in to the picture: …. Luckily the current hospital reform guideline encourages this service……When we see it from the national level, the policy is receptive…We used to have our own local job descriptions in the hospital which was not national. But now the scope of practice has already been prepared by: food medicine and health authority control agency (FMHACA) and there will not be any confusion…. (Cpharm 3) … Currently, the government is also recruiting and employing clinical pharmacists to all hospitals unlike before when the government used to hesitate to implement the service… (Cpharm

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