Career Vs Nurse Practitioner

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Confucius once said, ’’Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’’ I strongly agree with this quote because,when you love your job, it will not feel like a task. A career is something I could be doing for my whole life so, it is important to make the right decision I believe it is important to love what you so, everyday is enjoyable. I enjoy helping people and I have researched two careers that interest me: pharmacist and nurse practitioner. Although they are different, both jobs correlate with provide medical assistance in someway or another. Three ways to differentiate the two would be through education, the workplace, and suitability. Any type of medical field can take a lot of work and getting there…show more content…
Predominantly, the first step to becoming a nurse practitioner is getting a bachelor's degree in nursing. Following this, it is required to pass the exam to become a registered nurse. A nurse practitioner has more training than a registered nurse (RN). This allows them to perform different tasks that a RN can not do. To continue, it is necessary to enter a nurse practitioner program, which leads to a doctorate or a master’s. A lot of schools require years of nursing experience before anyone can be accepted into a nurse practitioner program. This program can take one to three years to complete though a classroom and hands-on clinical work. A quote I think describes the process is, “Is it weird that I love nursing school, but it also makes me want to cry at the same time?" (Actual Quotes From Nursing Students). It truly shows it is stressful but, also a exciting experience. I am very interested by the medical field. I know it takes a great deal of time; regardless, it will make up for it in the…show more content…
Helping the public is something I find important but, one wrong prescription could harm someone. As a pharmacist, I need to be alert and always aware of what I am doing. I need to have a good memory, be aware of details, show empathy, and patience. For the most part, I possess these characteristics and would be able to use them while working. Interest wise, I find human biology fascinating. The way certain medicines can heal someone is incredible as well. Being a pharmacist would help me live out my goal of helping people one prescription at a time. However, being a nurse practitioner would give me the same opportunity. I would get to work hands on with patients. This would would be a great opportunity to be hands on, help check up on, and find ways to help patients. Nursing involves many things: patience, kindness, empathy, quick thinking, and decision making skills. Having these skills is critical. In emergency situations, I would need to put these traits and my study of anatomy into action to help a patient. I care for the safety of others, which is the most important part of both

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