Personal Statement: My Goals For My Future In Medicine

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From a young age, the thought of being a doctor has always been on my mind. Television shows- House, Chicago Med, Code Black- had me vexed, sparking my interest. I was even playing the doctor on the playground during recess. All was just pretend then; but, it wasn't until a few years ago, upon entering high school, that I started thinking seriously about my future. Year after year, I continued taking health classes, as my knowledge grew, so did my curiosity. The human body as a whole stuck out, a phenomenal structure filled with a plethora of moving parts I could not wait to uncover. As for my future in healthcare, I want to learn more about conditions, illnesses, and cancers. I want to help people who see their lives as ruined and invigorate their spirit to keep going. I'm a down to earth, charismatic, and generous soul who not only wants to make a difference in patients' lives, but the medical field as well. I have great empathy for all patients who are suffering in some form and my goal is to help as many as I can. I want to save lives. Oslar, a founder of John Hopkins Hospital, said "The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient…show more content…
The first occupation is a pharmacist. The concept of medications affecting diseases and bodily functions is intriguing. Learning the pharmacology of medicines and how they are distributed amongst the public also peaks my interest. As far as medical calculations go, many tedious conversions will arise; luckily, math has rarely been a struggle. The road to a pharmacist will be difficult. Needed Education includes a four-year undergraduate degree and three additional years to complete a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. I fully understand specific medications will take dedication and memorization but I've prepared myself to attend many more years of education, following high school, to achieve this

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