Pharmacology Personal Statement

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As a college student, I took a job in retail pharmacy, planning to one day become a pharmacist. I was drawn to the field because I was fascinated by pharmacology but I found that pharmaceutical medicine alone did not satisfy my greatest interest: the dynamic interactions between drugs and the human body. That year spent working as a pharmacy technician did afford me basic familiarity with many common medications, but more importantly it sparked my interest for patient care. I came to value patient interactions and enjoyed patient education. Several years ago, in an effort to gain clinical experience, I began volunteering at a free clinic. I initially worked in triage and assisted in the pharmacy, then later performed phlebotomy in the lab. Progressing through medical school, I began seeing patients independently as a provider, then reviewing treatment plans with a supervising physician. Through this experience, I improved my communication skills and developed confidence in my ability to diagnose and manage patients. Being involved in so many aspects of the clinic has given me the opportunity to apply my knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology and to observe the positive effects it can have when applied to the lives of patients.…show more content…
This program has allowed me to participate in the anesthetic care of patients, outside of daytime clerkship responsibilities. The externship has exposed me to a field I was once unfamiliar with and given me a broader understanding of the scope of anesthesiology. Working with on-call anesthesia residents in obstetrical, pediatric, and adult care, I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of roles. My experiences in the externship program initiated my interest in a career in

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