Operation At Harbor Case Report

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2.0 Operation at Harbor and Start to departure (Ship Loading) Emma Maersk first loading place is at the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) Malaysia. When the ship arrives to the particular port the shipping agent organizing a pilot, tugs and lineman who will help bring the ship into the port. From this video after the she (the vessel) arrive the pilot from the TPT port need to give a guide to the ship captain to bring the ship into the port TPT. The port authority ensures that a ship has a necessary berth in port and that all required paperwork including customs paperwork complete. Before the bulk of cargo loaded, the master shall agree with the terminal representative on the loading plan in accordance with provisions of Regulation 10(3) of the Merchant Shipping Regulation 1999. According to MR. Sheril Assistant…show more content…
Today they load 2000 container, 415 discharges and sale out this vessel as soon as possible within 3 hours because she (the vessel) need reach Spain within 30days. In the boxes has a billion dollars of cargo’s and delivering late is not allowed, each crane has a manager to handle. The crane can load 30 containers per hours from 6 meters above the ground. The managers ensure that the right container load into the vessel because if they do any mistaken, this can delay the time to reach the other port. The container must put in the proper way to avoid vessel collapse when heavy wave. The chief officer Niles Larsen explains to his crew about the right way to place the container into the vessel before discharge. The dangerous goods, cargo (toxic, radioactive material, corrosives, and gases) need a place at the bulkhead, this is to avoid potential risk of vessel. The high maintenance refrigerator goods (fruits, vegetables and frozen foods) place at middle of ship under

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