Jung Personality Quiz Assignment

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Personality My results on the Jung Personality quiz were INTJ. Introverted was 12%, intuition was 16%, thinking was 9%, and judging was 50%. The personality type I was give is the Scientists. These are people that usually focus internally by taking things in by intuition. Externally they deal with things rationally and logically. INTJ personalities live in a world of ideas and strategic planning. These people value intelligence, knowledge, and competence. A person of this personality type will continuously strive to fill these values. They to some extent have similar expectations of others. The scientist personality has the introverted intuition dominating their personality. This means that they focus on their energy and they observe the…show more content…
Advance Pharmacy Technology teaches you to work under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. You will gain the skills to handle sterile products, inventory control, and repacking. Other useful skills are sterile compounding, non-sterile compounding, beginning pharmacology and pharmaceutical calculations. Hands on practical experience at a pharmacy as well as be able to demonstrate the aspects of legal drug dispensing and specific roles of the pharmacy tech are more of aspects of the degree you will learn. You will have an opportunity in a retail, mail order, hospital, nursing homes, or health care site pharmacy. This certificate is what I am pursuing as a career. I want to pursue this certificate so I am able to be in a health care profession constantly around people and also have the ability to help people without dealing with parts of the health care field that make me nervous. I feel that my experience in retail would be great for me to fit right into the environment of a retail pharmacy and ability to deal with people on a daily basis. Next was tissue banking technology. Tissue banking technology certificate prepares you to recover, process, store, and distribute human tissue. With this certificate you will learn the human anatomy, medical terminology, sterile techniques, surgical recovery, and processing techniques. Also ethical and regulatory standards in tissue banking, and safe ways to use sterile and surgical techniques, professional behaviors of responsibility, accountability, quality of care, ethics, and federal regulations. I would love to pursue this career because of the scientific exploration side of it. Being able to look at human tissue and find things that are wrong and help the doctors figure out what course of action to take with their patients. I feel that my day to day in this job would be very interesting from taking samples to analyzing

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