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Mentoring experience paper My mentor is an ambulatory care pharmacist. The social need for pharmacists have been amplified with the rise of medication management services. The role and responsibilities of pharmacists have evolved within the last couple of years as the focus shifts from the retail setting to the patient care management. The focus of this “new” process is the patient. The roles of pharmacists have been sidelined within the past few decades, where the pharmacist was solely responsible for dispensing prescribed drugs to the patient and counseling patients on the drug dispensed. The new process takes into account the comprehensive review of the patient’s drug therapy problems and needs to accomplish the ultimate goal of better health…show more content…
Building a successful relationship with a patient requires trust and competence. Patients will have a successful medication experience if they trust their pharmacists. Nurses for example will direct patients to the pharmacist to discuss the patients medications and any unmet drug related need. In order for the nurse to do that, he or she would have had a professional relationship with the pharmacist. That professional relationship will only happen through interprofessional collaboration. Sharing ideas across the healthcare team for better outcomes arise through these interprofessional relationships. Overall, the support system includes every healthcare professional who acknowledges the roles of pharmacists in providing healthcare services. The support systems help to encourage and cement the practice of pharmaceutical…show more content…
As a result of that I would say the experiences with my mentor was a perfect match. I liked every aspect of her work and career. She is involved with residents as well as working as an outpatient ambulatory care pharmacist. She is my life mentor as I see it because before coming to pharmacy school, I wanted to be a clinical oncology pharmacist as well as teach pharmacology in a university. Hence her experiences were very valuable to me and I would like to keep up with the relationship we have built these past few

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