Teaching And Education: The Purpose Of Education

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Introduction Since the ancient time, one of the main purposes of education has been to make people realize what it is to be a human being. Along with this purpose, making a literate society, to develop the intellects, to serve social needs and to prepare students for a job or a career is considered as other purposes for education. There is and there must not be anything more important than education Teaching and learning is something which we cannot separate and when students are educated, they should have some meaning in their life. We just cannot pour in information and let them live. Teaching is something that simply continued introducing itself in each teacher’s life. Education is important in everyone’s life for living morally, creatively,…show more content…
As an educator, I believe that fundamental aim of education should be “Preparing students for employment opportunities as well as participate in a democratic life along with improving intellectual competence with academics”. The main aim of the education is the overall development of the students. The education system should focus on developing a student in all the ways fully, whole and integrated. Education should help in achieving and developing their skills of science and critical thinking. Students should be able to stand on their feet and earn and should have the ability to face challenges bravely and successfully. As well as they develop their selves, they should also be able to contribute to the society and the country too. When students are educated, children should be educated inside and outside. They should be able to handle their selves emotionally and practical aspects of life should be face bravely. This should be done balanced. If they are not developed inside and outside, there will be an imbalance in their personality. Children should be developed physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. Therefore, there should be balanced…show more content…
Education is not only one of the aims of education, but in today’s developing world this can be considered as the most important aim. Most of our students are academically enriched. They only work to achieve their academic skill. However, there are many students who cannot do academically well. But all of us are educated, whether it’s formally or informally. In this era of education, education system believes that students should be prepared for employment. Students should be able to earn decently in order to live happily and successfully. The education systems of the students feel when they cannot make both ends meet as a member of society. It is the economies sufficiency of the person that makes him worthy and successful in the community. Therefore, education system should prepare students for employment along with

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