Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan Case Study

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Introduction: Nobody throughout the entire world can ignore the fact that Late H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan was one of the rare great leaders throughout the world who have left a magnificent legacy of glory and dignity behind them . His great achievements and contribution whether for his own country, the UAE,the Arab world ,the Muslim Nation or even for humanity as a whole will remain forever. Furthermore, he surpassed all counterparts in his humane feelings kindness and love for all humankind of any ethnic or any national origin. Therfore, all people of from all over the world felt very profound sorrow and heartily grief for losing that great and tender man. May every blesses and mercy of Allah embrace his pure soul. And as do the following plain gratitude towards that noble man ,I'll try to do the following simplified study; Sheikh Zayed distinctive had a…show more content…
The realized the UAE since its inception in 1971 that the human right to access to the necessary food It is the right of his fundamental rights can not be one to be liberally while he is suffering from hunger, and began to diversify sources of national income, focusing on agricultural production to provide food security for all citizens and residents. The United Arab Emirates has launched since the union in 1971 to achieve the desired balance between all specific economic sectors priorities directed a large proportion of its investments development plan to diversify sources of national income centered on the agricultural production sector development and is therefore considered the agriculture sector from key sectors on which the national economy in the state. Educational

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