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Nathan was observed in two classes. The first was a structured class (Science class). During this class Nathan sat in the front of the class, in a seat furthest away from the teacher’s desk, two lab tables away. He had a partner at his table, but no one sat to his left. The teacher was presenting a powerpoint presentation with in-bedded videos describing the compounds and the difference between hetrogenous and homogenuos. The teacher stood after videos and would move around the front of the room. A random sample peer was observed to compare the responses exhibited during the class. Throughout the lecture, the peer took extensive notes; however, Nathan sat in his chair and listened. During the random time sample of 10 minutes, only two times was Nathan writing anything on his paper; however the peer was writing 9 times (the only time peer was not taking notes occurred…show more content…
Before class began, Nathan left the class to retrieve some homework that needed to be completed. When he returned to the class, he went up to the teacher and the teacher reminded him of the assignment due and the expectations of the task. Nathan was told he was to record all of the food he ate the previous day and the day observed. This class was less structured and Nathan did not appear to use his time wisely. Rather than work on his homework, he and the other male at his table talked to the boy behind him. Nathan sat at a table the second from the back of the room, furthest from the teacher. Twice the teacher called on the boys and reminded them to get to work. At this point, Nathan got up and went to the pencil sharpener at the back of the class. He and two other students took the cover off of the pencil sharpener and examined it. When the teacher asked Nathan if he needed a pencil, Nathan replied “no” stating that he was trying to fix the pencil sharpener. The teacher came to the back of the class and sent the boys back to their

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