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To amend and resubmit. ABSTRACT Classroom is an area where people learn about things . However, the things that can influence a student’s development and behaviour is not only from its curricular or cocurricular session. So, the architectural layout and interior design also play significant impact on the quality of education for each students in order to achieve the best learning experiences in classroom. Therefore, the aim of this study was to discovered the psychological effects of classroom colors upon children in kindergartens. The objectives for this research were firstly, to identify colors that can influence children behaviour. Secondly, to determine whether the colors scheme can effect the improvement of children development…show more content…
The study was commenced at private sector of kindergartens that are located at Batu Pahat, Johor namely, the Tadika Iman Taman Bukit Perdana and the Tadika Little Caliph, Parit Raja. The number participants involved were 30 students from both institutions. The data collection method was through an observation, interview, and questionnaires. This sampling method was arranged and distributed to an even range of students, comprising both kindergarten. Questionnaires and interview were collected and analized to find out the effects different colors on students’ moods in different environment of the kindergarten. The students were interviewed on what colors that they want for their classroom by giving coloring sheet to be color. After that, the questionnaires by the types of classroom in different colors were edited in photoshop and distributed to the students. The data is collected through the observation, questionnaires and interview. The delimitation for this research was at the kindergartens’ classroom. And limitation for this research was, both of the kindergarten were only focus in muslim…show more content…
This sampling method was given to all the children in Kindergarten. 1.6.1 Obeservations Goldstein (1939) claimed, specific colors elicit specific emotional responses. According to him, observation is one of the method that has been used to determine the psychological effect of children’s behaviour towards their classroom colours. 1.6.2 Interview To support the observation determination, one of the method that was conducted is an interview. The childrens at the kindergarten were asked for what they feel when they see a pictures of room in different colours (that was edited in photoshop). A few option of feeling words (sad, happy, sorrow, etc.) were given to let they choose and match with the situation of the pictures. 1.6.3 Questionnaires The questionaires were distributed proportionately equal at random to children at both kindergarten. The questionnaires involved a paper of colouring sheets of room that have to be selected by the children in their colour choice for the room. From that, we can discover the prospective colors that they feel comfortable and suited with their

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