Aurora Lorealis Story

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If you go to one of the polar poles of the Earth at the right special time, you will see the stunning Aurora Borealis, the prodigious luminescence streaming across the livid night sky. As bewitching as they are, only few know the story behind of their birth and existence. It started, as most things do, with Zeus. Eons ago, when Zeus was frigidly traveling across the poles for a meeting with Boreas (God of the North Wind), he came upon a delicate and elegant snow nymph named Aurora who was walking on a glacier. Entranced by her beauty, he followed her home . When Zeus set his eyes on Aurora, he knew he was indeed in love - again. But Aurora shared his feelings. And so, as most stories go, the two characters fell greatly in love. They spent their days frolicking and talking, laughing and smiling. They couldn’t have been happier.…show more content…
The annual New Year’s celebration was to be held on the infamous Mt. Olympus, and it was an obligation for all of the gods and goddesses to come. When he broke the news to Aurora, she was heavy-hearted. “Aurora, dear,” he started, “ I must go back to Mt. Olympus for the New Year. It is vital that I must attend. I’m sorry, but mortals aren’t allowed up to the peak.” “ Back to Greece? For how long must you stay?” inquired Aurora. Fortunately, Aurora was empathetic and understood his godly duties. “ For one week at least. I must leave tomorrow, and I will miss you very much. I promise that will come back as soon as I can.” As Zeus said this, he knew that he was holding back on something. Earlier, the god Hermes had cornered him in a

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