Toddler Observation Report

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Observation Paper #2 On 02/14/2018, I observed a toddler classroom at Eden Palms, Kidango. At nine thirty, there are four children at the table with two teachers. Jesus puts both his hand into a basket of Legos, he touches and looks at different colors of Legos. He does not communicate with his peer. Litzy stands next to him, and she gets one by one Lego to stack them on the top of another Lego. Santiago sits on the chair next to table that has Legos, he positions his hands on the table. He holds one Lego in each hand and starts to stack them on others. Zanaya stands next to litzy, she stacks a Legos on other. She continues to do it until it’s tall. A teacher asks Zanaya, “what’s are you doing? Zanaya communites, “A car.” The teacher tells Zanaya, “why’s your car so tall” Zanaya answers, “Because I’am make it.” The teacher says, “You made it.” Zanaya replied, “For my mom.” Then, Zanaya puts all Legos into the basket, then, she walks to music and movement area. Litzy puts all Legos into the basket, and she approaches the music and movement area. Zanaya takes off her shoes, and place next to child sized open shelf. Zanaya walks to surfloor…show more content…
For example, after playing with Lego, Zanaya put them back into the basket on her own and went to music and movement area to explore with different colors of liquid tiles that were placed on the carpet. I also noticed Zanaya touched the liquid tiles and stepped on the varieties colors of liquid tiles that also showed she tried to explore with colored liquid tiles different ways by touching, stepping, and running to how the liquid tiles changed colors. Children led their learning that also showed their power in their learning environment. Besides, the teachers also support their learning by providing materials at child eye level for the children to

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