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On September 18, 2014 the “Thot List” was revealed on Twitter. This list was posted by a group of teen boys, from Southern Boone High School, and included the names of girls who they believed were “thots”. A day after the “Thot” list was posted, it was the only topic of discussion at the lunch tables in the commons-- not only at the student lunch tables, but also at the teacher table. When the girls first saw their names on the list they were taken aback, and a few of them shed tears. But to everyone's surprise, a few days after the list was posted, many of the girls took a group picture with the boy who posted the list. In this photo the girls proudly held up pieces of paper with their number from the list written clearly on it. The way that…show more content…
In reality, the word is most often used to describe a girl based on her appearance. In our culture girls are labeled “thots” for many different reasons, but the most common rationale behind the label is how they dress. Many of the girls who were included on the “Thot List” are ones known for wearing very tight fitting and revealing clothing, such as see through leggings and/or extremely low cut shirts. Their initial dismay at being labeled and numerically arranged as “thots” showed that while they were knowingly dressing provocatively to feel attractive, they had not considered the implications. They were being viewed by their peers as overly sexually active because of their clothing. From when the word “thot” began to be used, until now, the definitions have varied, but what has remained the same is that teen girls who are called a “thot” are not valued or respected. Chief Keef’s song, “Aimed at You,” released in 2012, was the first song to use this term, and it’s lyrics prove that “thots” are valued less than others. “Show no love for a

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