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Faculty of Literature and Humanities Department of English Language and Literature Master’s Thesis Developing a Critical Classroom Discourse Analysis (CCDA) Framework for Interaction Analysis in an Iranian EFL Context By: Amin Davoodi Supervisor: Mostafa Hasrati, PhD Advisor: Nouroddin Yousofi, PhD February, 2015 Acknowledgment I would like to express my special appreciation and thanks to all those who contributed to this thesis. First of all, I would like to express my immense gratitude to my dear supervisor, Dr. Hasrati, for his helpful advice, encouragement and constant support. I also wish to thank my advisor, Dr. Yousofi, for his support and fruitful comments. I would also…show more content…
Consequently, utilizing different approaches and means of analysis, educational experts have investigated a set of issues, including: how fundamental systems normalize interaction; how diverse discourse communities sort out things with words; how identities are built in and through talk; the relationship between interaction and learning in both formal and informal educational contexts; and—more recently—how the presentation of self in texts (written and oral, in one modality or in multiple modalities, in isolation or in a group) might be changed by a number of factors including race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality as well as context, situation, audience, purpose, power, and…show more content…
They had to balance the movements of a particle under their control to the movements of a target particle, sitting in front of a computer screen. Just as in many authentic work situations, verbal communication alone is not enough here to effect the close co-adjustment to the screen and to the screen borne illustrations through which a beginning inconsistency in understanding becomes settled. As Roschelle and Clancey declare, the two students, Gerry and Hal, use a combination of talk, gesture, and screen object manipulation to overcome their problems. The specific trouble as well as the mutual relationship of the two students happens in a common visual and manipulative atmosphere. They attribute to objects on the screen to make references clear, gesture to act out notions, and coincide their talk with events on the computer screen (p. 341).It is clear that an audiotape of this transaction by itself would be insufficient for doing a complete analysis of how they repaired the

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