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A) Company Goals: As of May 2014, Café Coffee Day has over 1600 stores across many cities and towns in India. CCD has been consistently offering a rich and world class coffee experience to Indian consumers at affordable prices. However, CCD needs to continuously upgrade its service and offerings of coffee and delectable food items. Simultaneously, it needs to be better than the emerging competition including that from the foreign brands, by catering to the changing consumer tastes in this growth industry serving a niche clientele. CCD also has a strong sense of responsibility to the society and believes in giving back to the community many times over by educating and empowering at least 5000 youth in a 10 year period. A non-profit trust has…show more content…
This expansion plan envisages tapping business opportunities at busy locations like academic institutions, hospitals, highways and up market locales to convert the potential clientele into sustainable market leadership. The self owned plantations and processing units have given CCD a competitive advantage over its competitors making it India’s leading coffee chain. A major challenge that CCD faces today is the fact that India is predominantly a nation of tea drinkers. Over the past two decades, CCD has been trying to attract more consumers to visit its outlets and drink coffee. Since inception, CCD has scaled up the coffee drinking experience from crowded non-air-conditioned cafés to sophisticated leisure spaces with a welcoming ambiance with and an ever evolving menu of delicacies and a rich café experience. Since its inception, CCD has successfully targeted today’s free spending customers which has enhanced its coffee sales. It has been observed that the consumption of coffee in India has risen substantially over the past decade. This change in customer preferences can be largely attributed to the soaring popularity of the branded café chains in…show more content…
Another important advantage CCD has over its competitors is that ABCTC’s ownership of coffee plantations of over 10,000 acres in Chickmaglur, gives CCD in house access to premium quality coffee beans. Both these advantages together with CCD’s consistently superior service at its outlets and in its home delivery have enabled CCD stay ahead of competitors. Further ABCTC, with its coffee plantations has emerged as a leading producer and exporter of coffee ahead of some of the leading corporate giants in India like Tata Coffee

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