Classroom Observation In The Classroom

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8.5 Population The study will involve graduate chemistry teachers who practice teaching and chemistry students at ordinary secondary schools in Zanzibar. Chemistry graduate teachers are core participants of this study to be investigated in classroom and laboratory practices. These teachers are expected to have greater influence on enhancing acquisition of chemistry practical skill at schools. They are expert and responsible for implementing chemistry syllabus in classroom level which has direct contact with the learner. Chemistry students are the centre of learning process. Any teaching activity at school has its main objective to the learner. The syllabus objectives direct to enable students at the end of every lesson to achieve certain…show more content…
This is chosen to pinpoint general strong and weak points of a graduate teachers’ teaching competency which form basis about suggesting improvement or professional development activities. This observation will utilize global classroom observation instruments acronymic QAIT refers to different scale which are Quality of instruction, Appropriate level of interaction, Incentive and Time. This instrument consists of qualitative part and rating scale. The qualitative part consists of 15 activities Cades. These are teachers’ presentation of content, recitation/discussion, direction for assignment, small group work, pair or group seatwork, pupil presentation, procedural behavioural presentation, administrative routines, transitions, non-academic activities, waiting time and discipline. This scale is chosen because has been successfully used in international research, supporting its cross-cultural validity (Mujis and Reynolds, 2011). The researcher will gather field notes by spending more time as observer using QAIT instrument and as participant. In theory lesson the researcher will have time to ask some questions to the students after the lesson and in laboratory practices will have chance to move…show more content…
The data collected using observation will follow the code of QAIT Instrument and categorized in themes and interpreted. The data from interview with graduate teachers will also merged in QAIT code accordingly and fall under theme of the code. If new information emerges from qualitative data of interview, new code will be made and categorise in a theme then interpreted. Qualitative data recorded from students’ interview will also be organized and coding then categorize into themes to be interpreted. This combined information will play very important role in discussion to give clear meaning and support arguments that are

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