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By way of introduction I would like to introduce the concept of Globalization before going deeper and analyzing the technological advances that took place during the twentieth-century. After contextualizing, I will point out the main changes in regards to transport and communication; something that has make up today’s globalized world. The theoretical framework provides a unique possibility to answer the question about the origin and the meaning of “Globalization”. The word itself, can be used in different areas and that is why there can be analytically distinguished several meanings. In terms of technical, it is usually referred to the implementation of the new technologies linked to the new possibilities of production and transfer of the…show more content…
Steger describes in his book, the term has been variously used in both popular and academic literature to describe a process, a condition, a system, a force, and an age. Taking into account that these labels have different meanings and if we use them in a mixed way they can invite confusion. Additionally, there are four qualities at the core of this phenomenon that help us understand it better. Firstly, globalization involves the creation and multiplication of existing, social networks and activities that cut across traditional political, economic, cultural and geographical boundaries. Secondly, it is worth to point out the expansion and the stretching of social relations, activities, and interdependencies; that offer commodities from all regions over the world. Third, it involves the intensification and acceleration of social exchanges and activities. These innovations such as the Internet are intensifying the worldwide social relations because the information can be shared instantaneously. And finally, the globalization processes involve the subjective plane of human consciousness apart from the macrostructures of community. Thus, Globalization could be defined as the process which was promoted by the improvement in communication and international ties that lead to the increasing diffusion and interconnection of ideas, cultures, job markets and lifestyles all over the…show more content…
After thousands of years of slow transport by ship, horse or foot, the invention of the automobile will stir up the way in which distances and speed are understood by the world. Now, instead of spending years in a single trip, frights and people will be able to travel hundreds of kilometers in a few hours. In the beginning of the XX Century the first electric cars were produced, of which the 28% worked with electricity. The car at first was a mean of transport that only rich people could afford, but with Henry Ford and the new production techniques and models, the prices became each time lower. And as soon as people started to buy them, the landscape change drastically. In 1950, the roads started to improve and in the USA, for instance, the residential areas were thought to be used by car-drivers. After that stage, the next step was to find new and cheaper propulsion systems, less polluting and the ones that require a low amount of fuel for working. What encouraged producers to experiment and think of new models and

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