Reflection In The Classroom

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During the data collection process, a camcorder was set up at the back of the classroom. It was done in order not to interfere with the students’ concentration during the lesson. There was also a concern regarding the possibility of unnatural behaviour which might occur if the camera was set up in front of the class. Therefore, the camera was mainly directed at the teacher. With such a position of the camera, however, the researcher could only have a partial view of the classroom. As a consequence, it was very difficult to identify the contribution of individual students when the video was being transcribed. Kilburn (2014) has demonstrated that camera choice, lens angle, camera position, and audio quality are vital in recording classroom interaction.…show more content…
In the words of Lee (2006: 356) “There seems to be confidence that CA’s structural regularities offer an important resource in going beyond mere descriptive analyses of what happens in the classroom in order to examine what kinds of change are possible and how”. Furthermore, Lee added that the sequential analysis as practiced in CA can inform us how the participants take their roles in the discourse to provide context. Moreover, the sharp focus on the micro aspects of the interaction produces an in-depth result. Gardner (2008) also illustrated that CA presents the finest detail analysis of talk in interaction. In support to Lee’s view, Huth (2011) also has affirmed that CA has elevated our knowledge with regard to what really happens in the interaction between the language teachers and learners. In brief, CA method is not perfect, but the fact that CA is more than capable to explicate the complexity of talk-in-interaction has led to a considerable increase of its usage in research. The relevance of CA to analysing the classroom discourse has been promoted widely by many researchers which has convinced this study to employ CA as
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